Pet Surgery

Whether your pet needs to be be spayed or neutered or is having an emergency, our surgical services are available. Our experienced veterinarians, technicians, and support staff are dedicated to giving your pet the individual attention they deserve, with treatment and recovery options tailored to their needs.

We do our very best to make surgery safe, painless, and as stress-free as possible for our patients and their families.

*For emergencies please call our hospital at (972) 530-3951 and we can advise on the next steps.

Do you have any concerns or questions? Talk to us about your pet’s surgical needs. We are here to help!

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What Our Surgical Suite Offers

For every dog or cat that walks through our doors, we offer the highest standard of safety during their surgical procedure, which includes:

  • A full in-house laboratory for performing important pre-surgical blood work
  • State-of-the-art anesthesia monitoring equipment and surgical tools
  • Warm blankets and post-op monitoring to keep pets comfortable and safe
  • Customized pain management and anesthesia protocols for every pet
  • An environment that meets or exceeds safety standards

Scheduling Surgery for Your Pet

Surgical procedures are much more elaborate than physical exams, so an appointment will be necessary. We'll use this time to evaluate their health and possibly do blood work to minimize risk during surgery.

After surgery, our veterinarians and technicians monitor your pet to ensure full recovery in the following days. Depending on the nature of the surgery, we may also want to see your pet again for a follow-up visit. At this time, we'll monitor recovery, make additional recommendations, and answer any additional questions you have.