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Dr. Emanuel Ponsford

Letter from Dr. Ponsford

Dear Loyal Clients of Country Brook Animal Hospital, You might have noticed my absence from the hospital as of late. I don’t want there to be any mystery surrounding my sudden and necessary (yet temporary) departure, so I’ve decided to share my experience. Eight weeks ago, while at work seeing patients, I started having familiar…

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A Message From Dr. Pipes

Dear clients, friends, extended family of Country Brook… Thank you so much for your kind and loyal patronage to Country Brook Animal Hospital. I know you have many options when it comes to your pet’s healthcare, and I appreciate that you have entrusted my team with that care. Our hospital has always strived to maintain…

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Separation Anxiety in Pets

You will eventually get to leave your house. Your pet may not get it—but we do. Learn how to make the transition easier for your pet. You may be headed back to your office soon. Your pet, who has become your loyal and dedicated coworker, has thoroughly enjoyed the stay-at-home companionship. They may not be…

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