Saying Goodbye With End of Life Care

Often, you'll have known your pet for their entire life, and when the time comes to consider end-of-life care or euthanasia, we know how hard this decision can be. At Country Brook Animal Hospital, we are here for you to help guide you through this process and to provide comfort when you need it.

Honoring Your Pet

Pets enrich our lives and their memories stay with us forever. After the euthanasia process is complete, we help clients decide how they’d like to commemorate their pet’s life. Options include:

  • Taking home the pet for burial. Some clients prefer to do their own burial at home, which we are happy to accommodate. If this is the option you choose, we ask that you check with your local county’s regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Private cremation. We can help facilitate a private cremation, where you’ll receive your pet’s ashes in a beautiful urn that can be displayed or scattered.
  • Group cremation. This option involves a group cremation of pets' remains, and the ashes are not returned.