Dear Loyal Clients of Country Brook Animal Hospital,

You might have noticed my absence from the hospital as of late. I don’t want there to be any mystery surrounding my sudden and necessary (yet temporary) departure, so I’ve decided to share my experience.

Eight weeks ago, while at work seeing patients, I started having familiar symptoms of an unhappy gallbladder. However, I had had my gallbladder removed years earlier. My wife, daughter, and staff convinced me to get it checked out.

After three days of in-hospital tests, I was scheduled for and underwent quintuple (5X) heart bypass surgery. It has been and continues to be a roller-coaster of recovery and rehabilitation, but I have finally been cleared to resume work as of March 20.

I am so grateful to the incredible staff and management of Country Brook Animal Hospital and my wonderful clients for all their support and healing prayers. While the future is still somewhat uncertain, I am optimistic and look forward to resuming the only work I have ever wanted to do.

Our client service representatives want to thank you for your patience and loyalty during the time that we’ve been understaffed and transitioning off the wait list. It means the world to us.

See you soon,

Dr. Ponsford

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