A Message From Dr. Pipes

Dear clients, friends, extended family of Country Brook…

Thank you so much for your kind and loyal patronage to Country Brook Animal Hospital. I know you have many options when it comes to your pet’s healthcare, and I appreciate that you have entrusted my team with that care. Our hospital has always strived to maintain an open and honest dialogue with our clients. In the spirit of that tradition of transparency, I would like to inform you that I will be taking some time off to have a few surgical operations that I have put off for perhaps too long.

I have worked for decades with pure joy to build a solid foundation for Country Brook, so that all those who come to serve alongside me might carry forward into the future the ideals instilled in its great walls. Now that the time has come for me to take a step back to focus on my health, I am completely confident in the capabilities of the wonderful team members of this hospital to push forward in my brief absence. It is because of that confidence in my team that I can take this time for myself knowing that you will all be in very capable hands. While I heal, I will still remain within close reach of my teammates should they need my direct assistance, but I will not be in the hospital daily seeing patients as many of you may have come to expect. I look forward to returning to work, sometime around the end of the summer, in a part-time capacity.

In my absence, the team that I have worked alongside with, in some cases for many, many years, will continue to serve you and your pets with the same great standard of care that we have provided for the last 35 years. You will still continue to see many familiar faces around the hospital and a few new ones as well – all of which are ready to help you and your pets in the same CBAH spirit as always. Drs. Ponsford, Grace, and Chew are also here and eager to ensure a continuity in service for your pets.

Please understand that while my absence is only temporary, we will likely experience a decrease in the number of patients we are able to properly care for each day. I am asking that you all continue to be patient with and kind to our staff as they navigate this temporary change of pace.

I will see you all in just a few short months.

Take care,

Charles Pipes, DVM